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Sample Collection Security Duct Tape

Sample Collection Security Duct Tape

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Ideal for sealing taps, cisterns, windows, flushes. 

Also a helpful item for sample collectors so carry for sealing waste bags, fixing posters etc.

This tape is one of the best all-round duct tapes in our range. It's strong, durable and highly water-resistant. Multi-Purpose duct tape is available in black, white and silver. Additionally, it comes in a variety of widths from 12mm up to 150mm (with many sizes in between). It can be torn by hand, ideal for on-the-spot applications and its high-tak adhesive sticks to almost anything. Furthermore, its money-saving value makes it ideal for high-volume users. 

No residue for up to 30 days

This duct tape performed well in our residue tests. It peeled cleanly from surfaces including Steel, Wood, Glazed Tile, Carpet, Plastic and Vinyl, even after 30 days. While we can't guarantee it being completely residue/damage free in every situation, the performance we experienced was impressive. Even more so, considering this is an 'everyday' duct tape.

Water-resistant for outdoor/indoor use.

A highly water-resistant topcoat helps keep moisture away from the adhesive, making this tape suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. TIP For best results outdoors, we recommend applying this duct tape to a smooth, non-porous surface.

Sticks to almost anything

This tape's strong adhesive sticks to almost any clean, dry surface. In our tests, Multi-Purpose Duct Tape adhered well to steel, aluminium, vinyl, plastic, cable, paper, polyethene, glazed tile, glazed stone, sealed concrete, and many more. Furthermore, it worked brilliantly in our outdoor tests on non-porous surfaces. 

Key features

  • Our best-selling duct tape for over 10 years
  • No residue for up to 30 days
  • Multi-surface adhesive sticks to almost any clean, dry surface
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Durable, flexible & conformable
  • Widely recycled cardboard core


All tapes may leave residue on some surfaces, always test on a small area first. When removing, carefully peel the tape away from the surface to help minimise residue.

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