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Open Water Swimming Testing Kit

Open Water Swimming Testing Kit

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Our EU Bathing Water Standards testing kit provides analysis against the EU bathing water standards, recognised as the benchmark for open water swimming / triathlon (bathing) waters.

Analysis includes 

Total Coliforms,

E.Coli & Streptococci/Enterococci –

carried out by a UKAS Accredited laboratory.


Our water quality testing kits and analysis services are used by a large number of clients, from open water swimming & triathlon events, festivals and wild swimming operators, professional training venues and watersports centres as well as local authorities, fire services and private landowners.

We offer a range of DIY water quality testing kits, which are available to buy online for analysis of bathing water (e.g. safe water for swimming), testing for the presence of blue-green algae and against the British Triathlon / ITU open water swimming requirements.
All water samples are tested in accordance with UKAS standards, where applicable, to ensure the highest quality of results.

We offer a range of water testing kits, all available online, including for EU Bathing water standards, legionella, blue-green algae testing, pH testing kits and more. Our water testing kits include full instructions, sterile sample bottles and pre-paid return label and packaging, for you to be able to return your samples to the lab, once taken.

Whether you require just a one-off test, or regular sampling programme for your water body, our water testing kits are easy-to-use, flexible and great value.

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