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ESA Multi 5 Substance Test - Eisenach Substance Analytics

ESA Multi 5 Substance Test - Eisenach Substance Analytics

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The ESA Multi 5 substance test is a preliminary test for the detection of 5 different substances and substance classes. It contains 2 ampoules for each parameter (cocaine, LSD, ketamine, opiates/amphetamines and general screening).

Result interpretation:

The colour change will begin within a few seconds, and will inevitably be fully formed within 1 minute at most: As time passes, the colour will intensify. Result interpretation should take place within a maximum of 3 minutes. An overview of the expected colour changes can be found in the table at the end of this package insert. Furthermore, the colour comparisons for the 5 selected substances and substance classes can be looked up in the package insert.

Made in Germany: This substance test is manufactured by ESA Test GmbH in Germany.

Package contents:

  • 10 ampoules substance test COC, LSD, KET, OPI/AMP, General Screening
  • 10 spatulas
  • 1 instruction manual


  • Easy handling and easy reading
  • Detailed product description
  • No hazardous ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly

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