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Blue Toilet Dye - Double Concentrated 400 ml

Blue Toilet Dye - Double Concentrated 400 ml

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  • Elsan double Blue concentrated toilet fluid - 400ml
  • Powerful anti-bacterial formula kills germs and bacteria
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Exceed the British Standard BS. 2893:1989
  • Non-staining 

Having the right tools for the job can save time and effort. To make light work of dyeing toilet water in your sample collection area Racoo has sourced a toilet dye to suit your need.

400ml is Enough for 200 dyes of a toilet.

This Blue toilet fluid from Elsan is the perfect solution for dyeing water to avoid sample adulteration. The powerful anti-bacterial formula kills harmful bacteria and germs on contact whilst eliminating unpleasant odours. It is double concentrated so maintains colour when diluted multiple times.

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